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Mustertext Bankgarantie
(auf Bankbriefkopf)
Internationale Standard-Version in Englisch

Bank Guarantee

Issuing Bank: XX
Guarantee Number: XXX
Currency: (Euro)
Amount: (,xx)
Date of Issue: xx.xx.xxxx
Date of Maturiy: xx.xx.xxxx
Beneficiary: (name of client)

On behalf of our client, (client’s name), for value received, we, (name of issuing bank),
hereby irrevocably and unconditionally and without protest or notification, promise to pay
against this irrevocable bank guarantee, to the order of (name of client), as beneficiary, on
maturity date, the sum of (,xx), upon first written demand for payment hereunder.

Such payment shall be made without set-off, free and clear of any deduction, charges, fees,
levies, taxes or withholdings of any nature now or thereafter imposed.

This bank guarantee is transferable without payment of any transfer fees and shall be
governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of (country of residence)
and is free and clear of any lien and encumbrances and furthermore shall be subject to the
Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG) as set forth by the International Chamber
of Commerce, Paris, France, ICC Publication # 758 in its latest revised edition.

For and on behalf of (issuing bank)

Signature Authorized Bank Officer
Name and Title


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