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Trading Programm Regeln
Private Placement Trading Program
- clear and simple rules for investors to follow -

None of the customary standards and practices that apply to normal, conventional business, investing and finance, applies to private placement programs as mentioned herein.
It is a privilege to be invited to participate in a Private Placement Trading Program and not a right. There are no colorful brochures available for distribution among interested parties.
The trading administrators and managers of the trading platform have a virtually endless supply of financially qualified applicants. This considered, the trading administrators and their banks will favor the applicant who provides the best paperwork.
An applicant should not underestimate what the trading entities could get to know about him. Failure to provide full disclosure will disqualify the disingenuous. Clients must first prove that they are qualified (supplying CIS, LOI, POF)*** and not the other way round.
No placement can occur, until the client is accepted by Compliance, the Traders and Trading Banks. Any arrogant or demanding personality is a guarantee for rejection. Only the principal owner of funds is required as signatory. Not only do the funds have to be on deposit in an acceptable bank, they must also be in an acceptable jurisdiction.
It is felony fraud to submit documents or financial instruments that are forged, altered or counterfeit. It is the decision of banks whom to accept and whom to reject. Contract terms, yield, schedules, etc., are made to fit their needs and schedules – and not the caprices or demands of the investors.
Finally, submission of the application documents to more than one management group at a time is termed shopping. If an investor shops around, he can expect that this fact shall be quickly disseminated and known among other program management groups who maintain close communication and as a consequence will be accepted by none of them.

Explanation of abreviations (from above ***):
CIS Client Information Sheet
LOI Letter of Intend
POF Proof of Funds

How to join a
High Yield Investment Trading Program
- no advance fees will be charged -

The client information sheet (CIS) is basically a passport copy together with full address (no P.O. Box). The letter of intend (LOI) states the wish to participate in the trading program and the proof of funds (POF) is a most recent account statement showing that sufficient funds are available to meet the minimum requirement in order to enter the high yield investment program. When this information was given the contract is handed over to the investor for approval.


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